Abstract Expressionism Means Creative

Is Abstract Expressionism easy? I wish to be. Why did I say that? I said it for this reason because it requires an open mind and a big imagination to understand it. Literally, it is not for the closed minds. When you look at an abstract painting what do you think? Color patterns, line, shape? It could be of anything because there is no correct answer to this question. Again why? That’s the beauty of this art, .

Abstract art did not tell you that this is what art is all about. It will tell you that you can interrupt anything of your wish. It’s like open-source. Good isn’t it? You can craft it and assign your own meaning to it. That’s great!!!


I must warn you here, not everyone will understand the abstract arts. And the worst part is, many will criticize you (and the abstract art artist) for purchasing the abstract art for the whopping amount. You might have heard “Are you crazy to buy this one for this price?” I can understand that… They can’t really appreciate the beauty of this art style. That’s completely fine.

Sometimes it will make people uneasy and they will scratch their heads and think “what this art is all about?”

That’s what I would like to tell you… And I can quote a Bruce Lee statement here it is “Be like water, my friend” and that’s how you should approach Abstract Expressionism style arts. If you pour water into the bottle, it will become the bottle. If you pour the water into a glass, it will perfectly fit into that glass. That’s the beauty…

Now understand it… you must see Abstract Expressionism arts like that. And you can realize why I said, it is your own interpretation to evaluate it. If you think of it as water you can see the water, if you think of it as oil, it will be that.

You are free to interpret anything when it comes to Abstract Expressionism.

Do you wonder if there any artists who use these styles in Dubai? Yes! Suzi Nassif is an artist who is well known for her abstract expressionism arts.




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Alya Khemji

Alya Khemji

Digital Marketing Expert Dubai

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