Does Black and White Art appeal to you?

Alya Khemji
3 min readSep 27, 2020


Paradox by Suzi Nassif

Despite the fascinations with color, trends are changing the way we look at decorating our spaces with prints. Did you know that color plays a role in the general well-being of a viewer? In art, color allows each person to express their individuality and flair. Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, states that all colors come in black and white. Here are several reasons we think black and white painting is appealing to viewers from time to time.

1. Make a statement go gigantic with a large black and white painting. Having the best gallery wall is interesting, but a time placing a large scale piece of artwork makes a significant impact. If wall art is not your thing, go for sculpture. First up, the living room is the fitting place to have a large black and white portrait to give it an exclusive appeal. A black and white painting can enhance uniqueness, character, style, and depth to your walls without upsetting the color scheme of your room. The two colors accentuate the impact of colors like red, green, and red.

2. Rest the eye: What’s so great about black and white painting? If your space has lots of colors, simplify your artwork by limiting the color scheme to black and white prints to rest the user’s eyes.

3. Highlight shape, form, and pattern in an image: Painting in black and white can improve an artist’s character design. While painting in black and white, the painter focuses on the entire paint and resolves any glaring issues before getting to the color stage. From here, it’s pretty easy for the painter to keep building the detail until ready to leave it as a black and white painting.

4. A break from tradition. If your room is full of traditional pieces like fabrics, lines, or patterns, placing a black and white painting injects modern sensibility into your space.

5. Black and white painting are classic and timeless: One of the common reasons why users want black and white paintings is because it provides timeless quality to paint.

6. Light comes out differently: lights are paramount in black and white portraits. The image shows in its purest form.

7. Color doesn’t distract: Black and white portrait allow the viewer to see the subject in a very different way. A Swiss photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank once said black and white are the colors of photography. He meant a portrait’s message and character changes if you render an image in color.

If you lack confidence when choosing a color, it leads to indecision resulting in timid choices. Don’t end up with decorations that say little or nothing about you. Exploring a design can be a daunting task for any user. If black and white painting is not appealing to you, let the artist not impose their taste on you but steer you towards some option that clarifies a vision for your house or personality. Above all, art is a personal thing to look for what reveals you.