Strategic planning and business coaching

A vast majority of companies never follow their strategic plans even though strategic planning has been a business buzzword. However, planning has lost its glamor. A business can hire corporate trainer Dubai for employee onboarding and forming strategies. The point is the planners have changed to strategy because it helps the manager to understand quickly where the business is positioned as well as increase the odds of success. A good business coach can tell you whether a risk is worth taking. It is a challenging endeavor to turn the strategy of an organization’s plan into reality.

Coaches in Dubai can help you answer the following questions about your business:

· Is the leadership committed to the strategic plan?

· Are the responsibilities assigned to the right individuals?

· Are the timelines realistic for completing the plan?

· Are the goals clearly defined and in line with the company’s goals?

· Are you searching for ways to be more competitive?

· Are you interested in strategies that can improve your ROI?

· Are you interested in maintaining an extraordinary team?

· What is the market for your business?

· What is the profit model?

· Do you have a profit model?

The answers to the above questions will help your team build a good strategy for the business. The coaches in Dubai assist in building the strategic foundation of the company’s future state.

Here is how your business soars with the help of coaches in Dubai:

· Management of change

· Retaining talent

· Building better leaders

· Challenging the employees’ thinking

· Helping in identifying blind spots

· Assist in making strategic decisions for the company

· Testing the company’s assumptions

· Get the employees on the same page

· Establish a corporate culture

· Use a strategic roadmap to guide the plan

How a corporate trainer Dubai uses the coaching process to build a strategic foundation.

1. Discovery Stage:

The business coach tries to understand your business and its objectives. The key agenda includes looking at the strategy workbook, project objectives and the state of the business.

2. Develop Stage:

Your team can plan for a strategic planning workshop with the business coach. In that workshop, the leadership team defines the vision, strategic priorities, values and value proposition of the business. During the workshop roles and responsibilities of individuals are clarified together with the implementation schedule.

3. Delivery Stage:

As a corporate trainer Dubai expert, you are expected to coach the team on implementing the strategic priorities in detail. A strategic roadmap is used to summarize the business strategy, implementation chart as well as the latest coaching sessions.

Take home:

1. What does success look like for your company? Determine the necessary initiatives the company needs to undertake to achieve success. Hiring a business coach is part of the business strategy.

2. You can start examining a wide range of possibilities so you can keep a few that can help hit the business target.

3. Make it crystal clear who will be doing what for the company to achieve the desired outcome.

4. Corporate trainer Dubai helps employees shift from “the way we’ve always done it” mentality.




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Alya Khemji

Alya Khemji

Digital Marketing Expert Dubai

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