Types of Mural Art

Alya Khemji
3 min readOct 12, 2018

Types of mural art :

The word mural starts from the Latin word “murus”, signifying “divider”. Today, we can characterize mural art as any bit of work of art painted or connected specifically onto a divider, roof or other bigger perpetual surfaces, leveled, inward or curved, to be exact. The most admired work of mural art was by numerous artists, including experts like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti. The specialty of mural-ism prospered amid the 1920s, after the Mexican unrest.

Mural paintings are a trend as old as people, these mural paintings were admired in ancient times and now this form of art is claiming another level of popularity. In early times mural paintings were only the sketching, paintings and etchings but now it carries a stronger message with cultural connotations and elaborate art techniques. The mural art is different from other artwork because of its priceless presentations of variety of cultures. Many years ago mural art was an art that covers churches, museums , palaces and temples. But now mural art is on another level that is taking artist to show their internal feelings through mural art. These paintings hold incredible importance for humankind, as they portrayed life exercises, ordinary view and typically religious conventions of the time they were made in, giving us an extremely valuable look of the assorted variety of our societies amid various periods.

Mural art is the art which demonstrates the emotions and feelings of the artist. When we look at the murals done by Suzi Nassif, her feelings are noticeable. Her murals carry the same effect as her canvas paintings. She has painted the portrait of Dali on one of the walls in Coya Dubai that show her skills as an artist. Suzi nassif is the known artist who is admired for her hand painted wall murals. Her second mural is in her home in Lebanon and portrays a young boy in traditional attire.

Painted mural:

Mural paintings are quite common. Often artists use acrylics to paint wall forms to express their ideas. Suzi Nassif’s murals are not abstracts. They are the human portraits and carry a powerful message for the audience. They are painted in acrylics. Suzi nassif paintings are the level of inspiration and her artistic mural (wall painting ) is loved by the audience. She expresses her thoughts and feelings through these murals which is perfect and impressive.

Abstract murals:

These pieces can either be on giant canvas or can be partitioned into different areas. These abstracts presents figures and shapes to convey a message to the viewers. They might make use of shapes and forms that are non-conventional.

Ceramic Murals:

These are the principal sort of custom size paintings and they are comprised of mirrors, mosaic and artistic pieces. This sort of paintings speak to brilliant depictions of high class creative impulses and in addition masterful aptitudes. The fired wall paintings are first made with the assistance of dirt and afterward they are heated. The span of the fired paintings is not quite the same as other sort of paintings and you can utilize them on crossing and in addition climbing dividers.