What is stress?

Alya Khemji
4 min readMay 24, 2018


Stress is the natural defense against the body, can be well-defined as the helplessness to manage any threat (real or imagined) to any psychological, physical, spiritual and mental problem which results high blood pressure, heart problems, depression and anxiety.

Fact is we don’t want to know how to get rid of stress because we don’t know how to fight with the problem we face.

There are many ways that can make you stress free in natural ways, I will mention some of them here for you.

Eat healthy food:

Use Carbohydrate foods that increase serotonin stages, helps boosting your temper and helps you to relax. Research says that Dark chocolate reduces stress, so eat dark chocolate to De-stress yourself. A warm cup of milk is high in vitamin D which is nutrient associated with cheerfulness. Drink milk before bed to release tryptophan which always helps to decrease the level of stress.

There are many good fruits and nuts that you can eat to reduce stress:

1. Almonds

2. Orange

3. Avocado

4. Blueberries

5. Carrots

GREEN leafy vegetables are very good to regulate mood. Spinach, broccoli, asparagus, mustard greens are ironic in folate which play a vital role to control stress in your body.


From recent years, we have seen a bit of attention on aromatherapy products — such as essential oils, bath bombs, aromatherapy candles and many more, have been used to reduce stress and promoting healthy living. Research says that aromatherapy is the best way to reduce stress and calm your soul. Here are some ways that how aromatherapy can help you to de-stress yourself.

1. Studies have shown that many essentials oils such as lavender, rosemary, ylang ylang, jasmine — all scented oils used as aromatherapy are very good to relief stress.

2. Aromatherapy massage contains some beneficial effects on stress and depression, also provides relief from mental fatigue.

3. Lighting a candle is one of the easiest way we can do so far, so buy some aromatherapy candles and burn them. Candles contain a pleasant cent which makes you relief from stress, you can burn candles while taking bath –make sure you should get a good quality of candles to give good scent in your room.

4. Diffusers are the gadget these days to get relief from stress that evaporates essential oil through the air. Diffuser is the modern alternative way of candle that spread scent of essential oil in your room. Using diffusers is a convenient way to create a tremendous atmosphere that calms your mood and makes you feel at ease.

5. Meditation of aromatherapy enhances the relaxation, even a 10 minutes of aromatherapy mediation can de stress you.


If stress and depression have become a significant part of you, help yourself and do exercise on daily basis. Remember that stress takes you to anxiety and that is the main cause of many diseases. You can adopt many ways to exercise like yoga which is the best therapy to de-stress, jogging, running or any work in the same way as meditation, that gives you alone time with your mind. However exercise must always extend benefits in your life, improve your body, mental and physical health problems and make you stress relief. So take an initiative for yourself and start exercise on daily basis in spite using any antibiotic or medication.

Enough sleep:

Antibiotics and medications for stress takes you to deep sleep but this might be very dangerous and cause many future diseases in your body. Anxiety leaves you irritated and away from sleep. So let yourself know how to adopt better sleep naturally.

1. Establish exact bedtime routine that is best to give signal to your brain that allows you to have a good sleep.

2. Avoid exercise three hours before sleep because the exercise makes your senses active which will not allow your body to promote sleep.

3. Some foods can also promote sleep such as peanuts, banana, dairy food, and food containing carbohydrates because they promote indigestion.

4. Take a warm bath using aromatherapy which is a best way to get calm your nerves.

Shape your life:

It is proven that shaping and organizing your life is sense to manage peace of mind, calmness, and there are many ways that can be improve your life, de-stress you in this regard. Make a check list or to-do list that helps you do daily work on time, avoid wasting time on surfing internet or using mobile all the time, avoid negative people who drag you towards anxiety deeply. Research says that organizing your life in an appropriate way takes you away from all the problems and hardships.

So these are the natural ways that can help you fight by your own, as we have defined the easiest ways to you that can be easily adopted by anyone and get rid from the threat “STRESS’.